Alpha weekend at Betty’s Bay

Report by: Serge Lajona

We arrived at Betty’s bay on Friday night when it was already dark. There are no street lights and the town is very spread out. The environment is very quiet and full of nature. The continuation of the Alpha course at Betty’s Bay was a great experience: life changing, and good fellowship with one another. It was all about the Holy Spirit. We were equipped with teaching about the Holy Spirit: the works, the fruits and the obedience and, more importantly, we were filled with the Holy Spirit.

It was also a pleasure to chat and to get to know each other. We had breakfast together, lunch and dinner. The food was fantastic and we enjoyed it. We also went to the beach, and on our way we discovered the great nature of Betty’s Bay. It was amazing and we took some crazy pictures.

I had a beautiful incident. I was talking to my wife outside the house and suddenly I saw a baboon coming toward me. I entered into the house quickly …

Wow! the Alpha course at Betty’s Bay was incredible, enjoyable and we were moved by the Holy Spirit.

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