Mowbray Pais Partnership

Prior to the Covid lockdowns, we were experiencing vibrant Sunday worship services, followed by shared teatimes after church each Sunday. During the Covid period we worshipped online for many months. When we did meet for Sunday worship, we gathered on the veranda and in the carpark outside.

In March 2022 we moved back into the church and our Sunday attendance has slowly begun to build up again. During these Covid years our partnership with the Pais Movement South Africa ( proved to be particularly fruitful. Over these past few years, we have had teams of Pais apprentices helping us to keep our ministries to children and youth alive. They helped us launch Kids Club on Friday afternoons, and played a vital role in the running of our Holiday Club during June/July 2022.

On Sunday 3 July we said farewell to Maike Bruckmann and Finja Sieg from Germany, and to Rahel Schubert from Switzerland. Earlier in the year we had also said farewell to Davi Souza from Brazil and Chiara Boreck who left to prepare for their wedding in October.

Richard and Leearron, who served as the founding national directors of Pais South Africa, left in June 2022 to begin serving in their role as national directors for Pais England and Ireland. They were also members at Mowbray. The new national director is Qhamani Magugu. We look forward to getting to know him and his wife, Lebo.