Ultimate Questions

Are you searching for truth? Are you trying to find God? Maybe you’ve been asking some of the really fundamental questions about life and death that thinking people ask themselves. Does God exist? What’s God like? Can I get to know God? Who am I? Where do I come from and why am I here? Where am I going? Does life have significance? Does my life have any real meaning and purpose? Is there life after death? Maybe you have questions about the Bible. Can it be trusted? Is Jesus Christ what he claimed to be, the Son of God? Why is the cross so central to Christianity? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Are all religions the same? Why is our world in such a mess? Is it possible to change human nature? Is there a happy end to the human story or are we headed for ultimate chaos and disaster? The Mowbray Tract Society attempts to answer these questions. For 75 years the tracts have been making their way to different parts of the world. They are distributed free of charge. Now they are going digital. Our hope is that they will be of help to you in your life’s journey.

Resurrection Reality Jesus taught that he would be crucified, die, be buried, yet rise to life on the third day. Did it happen? The Bible, Jesus himself, the early witnesses and the Christian church in its creeds and confessions all affirm the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Where do you stand on this vital issue? Read on.

Take a Long Hard Look This message invites you to examine deeply the life of Jesus Christ and the significance of the cross. To ignore him and the cross can have devastating consequences. Read on.

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